Free Frosty Treats for a Year at Wendy’s? That’s Worth the Brainfreeze!

Chattanooga (CHATTAFRUGAL) Wendy’s just started selling it’s Frosty tags again. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s pretty simple.

Purchase a $2 key tag at a participating Wendy’s location. Then return to a participating Wendy’s in 2017, show the cashier your key tag, and get a free Jr. Frosty Treat with any purchase. Your key tag is valid for every visit inĀ 2017, so you could theoretically cash it in for hundreds of Frosty treats throughout the year.

Wendy’s will give 90% of the proceeds from the key tags to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to help children in foster care. So, you win… Wendy’s wins… and children in need win!

These key tags are hard to find. They are already sold out online. But ChattaFrugal checked with several Chattanooga Wendy locations today and found many still had a limited supply. Happy hunting!


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