Chattanooga Area Movie Tickets for up to 49% Off

Chattanooga (CHATTAFRUGAL) Movie prices went up again in Chattanooga during the holiday season. It not costs nearly $8 to see a matinee and $12 or more at night, depending on location.

If you do some pre-planning, you can save up to 49% off tickets and concessions at Carmike theaters in Chattanooga. Carmike has partnered with Dealflicks to sell open seats. Think of the service like Priceline for the movies.

Here’s how it works. Enter your zip code on the Dealflicks site, select the theater you want to visit and movie you want to see. Different movies come with different options. For example, one theater may offer you a discount on a matinee ticket with a medium popcorn, while another may offer a deal on a showing after 7pm with a medium popcorn.

After you make your purchase, just show the voucher on your mobile device at the box office. Right now, you can get an additional 20% off your first Dealflicks deal by using promo code: RFFB6HFXWN.

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